Good Fortune Roast Duck House, Northbridge

by itsperth

I LOVE this place. It is by far my favourite place to eat in Perth, I know this is a big statement but I can’t help it.

Good Fortune is one of those places you used to drive past and see hoards of people lined up out the front and wonder, why? Well, I’ll tell you why. The Duck. The amazing succulent Duck.

For a restaurant not very large in size Good Fortune fits in a sufficient crowd. Endless customers lining up for a piece of the action watching as the front of house Chefs carve up the suckling roast ducks hanging the window. The staff are efficient and attentive making sure tables are cleaned and ready for the next eager customer to sit down and taste Good Fortune’s delights.

Boneless Duck Noodle Soup $12.50

I have tried many menu items but I can’t help always going back to one of their signature dishes, Boneless Half Duck ($20). Served with a small salad and 2 dipping sauces this dish is just sensational. The duck is juicy and it’s crispy skin that oozes with flavour. Keep in mind that half a duck can be quite salty so pair it with Kai Lan to ease up on the salt intake.

The Boneless Roast Duck Noodle Soup ($12.50) which is only available on the lunch menu is also a tasty dish. The noodles are a little bland but paired with the supplied chilli sauce and duck it’s perfect.

Peking Duck (5 pieces) $18

Due to Good Fortunes, ah, good fortune, it’s very busy most nights of the week with a line starting to form from 6.30/7ish so I suggest getting in early and be prepared to dine with other eaters on their big round tables if smaller single tables are not available.

Give it a go, you will never look back!

Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce $8

Good Fortune Roast Duck House
344 William St,
Northbridge, WA 6003
Ph: (08) 9228 3293

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